About Caralie

Caralie Norman grew up in San Diego, spending summers at Lake Almanor in Northern California, delighting in the natural beauty of both mysterious ocean and forested lake. Since childhood, she has been drawn to the luscious translucency of watercolor and when she arrived at age 55, she courageously decided to try her hand at actually painting with it, never having taken an art class before. Since then she has studied under an array of gifted artists: Drew Bandish, Robbie Laird, Chuck McPherson, Stan Goudey, and James Millard are a few. She is a member of the San Diego Watercolor Society as well, showing her art there. Her love and experiences of nature have often been the fodder for her favorite paintings. She especially takes pleasure in painting scenes the observer imagines climbing into.


An avid learner, she has layered her life with many professions and hobbies, from teaching English as a Second Language, leading women in local churches into transformational spiritual growth, directing spiritual retreats, enjoying snow skiing, hiking, wake surfing, all of which serve to bring a rich depth to her paintings. Currently, she is a Trauma Practitioner and a Spiritual Director, married to Ron, mother of three lovely daughters, and a grandmother of seven incredible grandkids.